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September 2023

The Centuria Bass Credit Fund (CBCF) is an unlisted, open-ended property debt fund offered exclusively to wholesale investors by Centuria Capital Group and Centuria Bass Credit.
With 100% of loans secured by first-ranking mortgages, and a portfolio diversified across loan type, sector and geography, CBCF targets capital preservation, downside protection and attractive returns.
Disclaimer | The fund’s internal rate of return of 10% is a forecast based on the portfolio currently (October 2023) held by
the fund. Differences between the forecast return and distributions paid will depend on fees and cost and the amount of cash held by the fund in any particular month. CBCF aims to pay 100% of modelled return as a monthly distribution,
subject to the assumptions and risks as noted in the Information Memorandum. Past performance is not a guarantee of
future performance. Returns and distributions are all referred to on a pre-tax basis and are taxable in the hands of the investor. Investors should seek their own professional advice as to the financial, taxation and other implications of
investing in the Fund. Investors should refer to the current Information Memorandum before making a decision to invest.

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