ABOUT US; who we are.


"With Centuria Bass the success of our investors stems from the successful funding solutions delivered to our clients"

Centuria Bass Credit is a leading, Australian investor and alternative asset manager. Specialised in providing capital and funding solutions to assist mid-sized companies, entrepreneurs, property and other real assets.


Headquartered in Sydney with offices in Melbourne and Adelaide, Centuria Bass Credit is the result of a recent joint venture between Bass Capital Partners and Centuria Capital Group in April 2021.


The founding partners of Bass Capital – Nick Goh and Giles Borten, are now joint CEO’s of Centuria Bass. Yehuda Gottlieb remains as Partner, based in Melbourne. Together, they provide institutional grade service and funding solutions to our middle-market client base. Key to our success is a focus on the growth and prosperity of our clients and investors, which is always underpinned by our core values – discipline, expertise and ingenuity.

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"Through rigorous review, analysis and proactive investment management we at all times protect our investors’ capital"


Centuria Bass Credit is an investment fund and asset manager with a broad mandate to invest tactically across markets and sectors in search of investment opportunities. Centuria Bass has an integrated group of direct financing business which provide investment capital and funding solutions to mid-sized companies, entrepreneurs, property and other real assets which are generally up to $50m in value

Our investment structures and solutions provide our clients with access to equity, debt, and hybrid capital in a rapid, reliable, honest and professional investment processes which can be as short as two weeks.

Capital solutions which centre on innovative senior and mezzanine debt facilities remain our core business. Bass also invests and arranges equity investment for its valued clients.



Centuria Bass provides specialist financing for residential, commercial and industrial property which directly funds borrowers with greater flexibility and additional leverage to those offered by banks. 


Funding is available for:

  • Construction finance to complete projects

  • Bridge loans to support acquisition/refinancing

  • Finance for specialised property assets in areas or of a type which have limited appetite from banks

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Centuria Bass provides high loan-to-value (LVR) lending, secured against real estate held by mid-sized companies across a wide variety of industries. Many companies hold specialised property and from time to time require higher leverage which can be repaid from forecast operating cash flow.

We are relationship driven and highly value a long-term partnership approach. In the spirit of this partnership approach we are able to extend our relationship from being a lender to being both a provider or mezzanine debt, preferred equity and equity investments.

The team structures transactions on a bespoke basis enabling funding solutions that are free from the product and policy constraints typical of traditional mainstream debt providers and investors.


Warehouse finance is a specialised subset of corporate finance which targets financing to portfolios of loans originated by other specialised finance companies. Centuria Bass has a team which is experienced in understanding the unique requirements of finance companies in structuring loan facilities for growth, scaling and enabling borrowers to reach their strategic objectives.

Real assets include a sub-class of assets such as infrastructure, lease assets, social infrastructure and other specialised lending against assets with predictable cashflows.

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