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Our Sectors

Parramatta, NSW

Centuria Bass has an integrated group of sector specialists providing funding solutions across various real-estate sectors. These include residential, commercial, retail, industrial, specialised property and real assets, which generally range from $5m, up to $100m in value.

Centuria Bass draws on its significant funding resources to provide borrowers with capital in a reliable, honest and professional process, which can be as short as two weeks.

With established credentials you can trust, Centuria Bass has the scale, security and real-time insights to create bespoke solutions for our clients.


Centuria Bass Credit has successfully financed projects across Australia within the Residential

Development sector. Whether it is the acquisition of a development site, or the construction of

townhouses, apartments, or land subdivisions, we are able to work with our borrowers to provide

financing solutions beyond the inflexible parameters set by traditional banks.

Our residual stock loan facilities, allow borrowers to refinance completed residential development

with insufficient presales to payout existing construction debt. Commonly these facilities work well for products that require 12-24 months post-construction period to realise best value for unsold

stock, and utilise the revenue from sales to make loan payments as opposed to relying on borrower

cashflows for servicing.


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For a copy of our current product guide, or to speak to an expert team member contact us here:

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