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Invest Via a
Single-Asset Deal

Invest in specific deals

Gain concentrated returns by investing in specific single-asset opportunities that meet your investment preferences and objectives. Develop a well-considered and strategic investment portfolio that is tailored according to your risk-profile. Allow our specialised team to work with you to ensure your involvement in investment opportunities best suited to your needs via single-asset deals.

Which is best suited to you?

Investing via a Fund

  • High level of diversification across location, asset type and borrower 

  • Economy of scale 

  • Active management by the Manger ensures capital is continuously earning interest while capital is being recycled 

  • Passive management by investor 

  • Access to a mature portfolio of more than 30 loans with a proven track record 

  • Liquid investment pending availability of cash in the fund 

  • Risk spread across multiple assets 

  • Ability to reinvest distributions

Investing via
Single-Asset Deals

  • Ability to select investments according to investment preferences

  • Fixed term

  • Fixed returns 

  • High level of discretion 

  • Terms vary according to specific investment 

  • Ability to perform own due diligence on underlying asset 

  • Illiquidity premium

  • Concentrated risk

Learn more about single-asset deals

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For a copy of the information memorandum and to further understand current opportunities for direct investment, or to speak to a Partner, contact Lauren Hamer on (02) 9122 2058 or

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