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Kellyville, NSW

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Why Us?

Centuria Bass Credit is built on the foundations of excellence in investment strategy, discipline and patience.  We have built a best-in-class team of investment professionals with enduring, trusted relationships and responsibility to our co-investment partners. 


The Partners and staff are significant investors in Centuria Bass, alongside our co-investors. This means we can proudly say that we look after our clients’ money just like our own.

The 80:20 rule applies in key areas of our investment decision making including the importance of being ‘strategic and tactical investors’ and the use of ‘second level thinking’ to invest into sectors, industries and assets which will show the greatest long term value, stability and returns. We are a multi-strategy investor with the flexibility to seek out better returns where we see opportunity.


Opportunity may emerge from many factors including bank liquidity or capital constraints and market disruption, demographic change, economic changes, technology and consumer trends and many other variables in a very large puzzle of interlocking pieces in our business economy.  Staying at the forefront of this opportunity is our commitment to our co-investors.

$1.7 bn

Total funds under management


First mortgage security


Return to investors since inception


Principal interest returned to investors since inception

Performance & Results

Since our inception in 2016 we have reliably generated out-performance across our investment strategies and portfolio.

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How We Invest

Centuria Bass Credit (CBC) create exclusive opportunities for our investors by facilitating the funding of superior loans and quality debt. Investors can choose to invest directly into specific single-asset opportunities, or via a fund allowing  for benefits of diversification and greater liquidity (as per Fund IM terms).

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Invest Via a Single-Asset Deal

Gain concentrated returns by investing in specific single-asset opportunities that meet your investment preferences and objectives. Develop a well-considered and strategic investment portfolio that is tailored according to your risk-profile. Allow our specialised team to work with you to ensure your involvement in investment opportunities best suited to your needs via single-asset deals.

Access to an exclusive diversified portfolio loans in order to maximise your investment via a pooled fund. Leverage the years of experience and expertise of the CBC team to ensure you reap the benefits of investing in an exclusive portfolio of loans.

Invest Via a Fund

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Distribution & Investor Relations Team

Nick Goh


Nick Smart

Director – Funds & Distribution

Alex Hayde

Senior Relationship Manager, Investor Relations

Peter Phung

Associate Director

Giles Borten


Peter Callanan

Director, Investor Operations

John Kalaf

Senior Advisor, Distribution

Billy Borten


Yehuda Gottlieb

Managing Director
Funds & Distribution

Izzy Chilcott

Fund Manager

Lauren Hamer

Senior Manager, Investor Services

Niharika Ramrakhyani

Analyst, Investor Services

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