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Invest via a Fund

An Innovative Investment Alternative

Access to an exclusive diversified portfolio loans in order to maximise your investment via a pooled fund. Leverage the years of experience and expertise of the CBC team to ensure you reap the benefits of investing in an exclusive portfolio of loans.

Bass Property Credit Fund (BPCF)

The Bass Property Credit Fund (BPCF) provides investors with a lower-risk, stable yield investment, backed by diversified underlying real estate security.

BPCF is a co-investment fund which invests in property secured loans along with the Shareholder, Directors and Management of Centuria Bass Credit. BPCF has in excess of $200M in funds under management. 

Centuria Bass is a fund manager of BPCF and invests primarily in a diversified portfolio of secured debt with contractually determined outcomes. Deployed funds have consistently yielded strong, risk-adjusted returns, at a premium to the underlying money markets, which make the investment particularly attractive in an environment of rising interest rates. 

Centuria Bass has consistently generated out-performance across its portfolio of investments through its tactical investment allocation, skill in investment origination and intensive investment management.

Key Features of BPCF

Which is best suited to you?

Investing via a Fund

  • High level of diversification across location, asset type and borrower 

  • Economy of scale 

  • Active management by the Manger ensures capital is continuously earning interest while capital is being recycled 

  • Passive management by investor 

  • Access to a mature portfolio of more than 30 loans with a proven track record 

  • Liquid investment pending availability of cash in the fund 

  • Risk spread across multiple assets 

  • Ability to reinvest distributions

Investing via
Single-Asset Deals

  • Ability to select investments according to investment preferences

  • Fixed term

  • Fixed returns 

  • High level of discretion 

  • Terms vary according to specific investment 

  • Ability to perform own due diligence on underlying asset 

  • Illiquidity premium

  • Concentrated risk

Learn more about the funds

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For a copy of the fund memorandums and webinars, or to speak to a Partner, contact Lauren Hamer on (02) 9122 2058 or

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