Exceptional results year on year

Performance and Results

Since our inception in 2016 we have reliably generated out-performance across our investment strategies and portfolio.  
This graph reflects a weighted index of the performance of Centuria Bass real-estate secured fixed interest investments. 94% are first mortgage, generating a return to investors of 11.7% per annum.

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Centuria Bass Credit is built on the foundations of excellence in investment strategy, discipline and patience.  We have built a best-in-class team of investment professionals with enduring, trusted relationships and responsibility to our co-investment partners. 


The Partners and staff are significant investors in Centuria Bass, alongside our co-investors. This means we can proudly say that we look after our clients’ money just like our own.

The 80:20 rule applies in key areas of our investment decision making including the importance of being ‘strategic and tactical investors’ and the use of ‘second level thinking’ to invest into sectors, industries and assets which will show the greatest long term value, stability and returns. We are a multi-strategy investor with the flexibility to seek out better returns where we see opportunity.
Opportunity may emerge from many factors including technological change, market disruption, economic changes, consumer trends and many other variables in a very large puzzle of interlocking pieces in our business economy.  Staying at the forefront of this opportunity is our commitment to our co-investors

Access to investments

Our investor services function provides our co-investors with a special direct relationship with the most senior executives and partners at Centuria Bass Credit. 
Centuria Bass offers direct access to accurate and reliable information, deep industry insights and tactical recommendations regarding new investment opportunities and the performance of current investments.
This information and insight enables our investors and their advisors to make appropriate and considered investment decisions.  We love and enjoy our work and feel a deep sense of privilege to invest money on your behalf.